Broken rock, scattered branches, leaves falling.

Natures landscape

Sinking within the earths crust.

Open spaces laid bare.

A new environment ascending,

Steel boxes glistening in the sun,


Shaping the land.

Reflections of glass

Bouncing on the remains of yesterday.

Glimpses of life’s temple passing


Elizabeth Ficken – Born, Canberra 1972

Elizabeth’s practice explore the natural environment. By observing how living systems adapt, co-exist in the present, manifests an awareness of the rapid movement of life and placement disconnecting.

Reflecting on the unique landscape of Canberra, preservation is central. The progress of suburbia reaching further towards natural reserves, makes Elizabeth wonder about the impact construction places on a vulnerable, yet mysterious environment.  An ever growing population, infrastructure is inevitable. How do we sustain these fragile systems disappearing into the progress of our time?